Electric Vehicle Specification Comparison

This table was last updated December 11, 2016

Why only BEVs? While I believe PHEVs are a great stepping stone into the fully electric world, I wanted this table to focus on the fully electric only. This way the data is more clear for those interested in a BEV.

Price provided is the MSRP is Canadian Dollars.

Range is an EPA rating based on an assumed combination of highway and city driving as well as environmental factors.

Seats the maximum number of occupents. The Tesla models come stock with fewer seats than listed, but can be upgraded to provide the additional seating.

Motor lists the peak motor power in kW. For hp multiply by number in the table by 1.34.

Acceleration while we may be more accustomed to seeing 0-60 mph ratings, for this table I kept it metric with the 0-100 km/h rating.

Drive Train - RWD (Rear Wheel Drive), FWD (Front Wheel Drive), AWD (All Wheel Drive)

Towing capacity is provided in kg.

Efficiency this is the EPA rated MPGe (Miles Per Gallon equivalent). I find this is a more intuitive way of looking at mileage. Also these MPG numbers are readily available for their gas counterparts.

Battery in kWh.

Weight in kg.

Torque in lb-ft. I would have put it in Nm, but I feel like more people would understand lb-ft as it has been the standard unit of measurement in the auto industry.

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