Parent company of Mercedes and Smart. Smart started testing their electric drive in 2007. Tesla helped Smart into the electric vehicle world with their battery technology. 

Current Models

Smart Electric Drive

Formerly known as the Smart Fortwo EV, this electric vehicle is small and very fun to drive, and the cheapest EV in Canada as of May 2016. It's greatest weakness is a lack of range. When I test drove this vehicle in 2015 it was incredibly fun to drive. The diesel and gasoline versions of the Smart do not compare in any dimension other than range.


Key Stats: 16 kWh | 0-60 in 9.8 | 55 (74 hp) | 130 Nm | EPA 109 km

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Smart Fortwo ED

Smart Fortwo electric drive: Electric powertrain with lithium-ion battery by Deutsche ACCUmotive.